Leading Technology Company

Enhancing Inclusion for Neurodiverse Talent


  • The company successfully hired neurodiverse candidates for various technical roles, such as software development and quality assurance.
  • The new employees brought unique skills and perspectives, contributing to enhanced problem-solving and innovation within the organization.
  • The company’s commitment to neurodiversity became well-known in the industry, attracting further attention and interest from diverse talent pools.

CLIENT: A leading technology company OBJECTIVE: Increase the recruitment and retention of neurodiverse talent within the organization.


The client recognized the importance of neurodiversity in their workforce and wanted to create a more inclusive workplace. However, they faced challenges in identifying and sourcing neurodiverse candidates through traditional recruitment channels.


DirectSource, the HR Direct Sourcing platform, was utilized to target neurodiverse talent pools and engage with community organizations that supported individuals on the autism spectrum. The platform’s advanced search capabilities and candidate matching algorithms helped identify suitable candidates.

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