Leading Manufacturing Company

Building a Neurodiverse Production Workforce


  • The manufacturing company successfully hired neurodiverse individuals for various production roles, such as assembly line workers, quality control inspectors, and inventory coordinators.
  • The new employees demonstrated exceptional attention to detail, adherence to procedures, and consistency in their work, resulting in improved product quality and reduced errors.
  • The company’s inclusive work environment led to increased employee satisfaction and reduced turnover rates.

CLIENT: A manufacturing company OBJECTIVE: Establish a neurodiverse workforce to enhance productivity and foster a culture of inclusion.


The manufacturing industry often struggles with high turnover rates and productivity issues. The client recognized the potential benefits of neurodiversity in their production environment but faced challenges in recruiting and integrating neurodiverse individuals.


DirectSource facilitated partnerships between the client and vocational training programs, disability employment services, and community organizations supporting neurodiverse individuals. The platform’s job posting and candidate screening features enabled efficient sourcing and evaluation.

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